Packages: Fedora

Package Source / Downloads

The tarball ships a rpm spec file which can help build the binary rpm package. You can try to use:

  rpmbuild -tb laptop-mode-tools-1.XX.tar.gz

This should create you the final rpm binary package.
(This command should work on any RPM based distribution. If you run into any problems, please report)

Pre-Built Binaries

, based on the steps mentioned above

  1. Make sure you have a kernel that supports laptop mode. Any version starting from 2.6.6 should do, or any version that includes the file /proc/sys/vm/laptop_mode.
  2. Make sure you have acpid (preferred for PC-style laptops), apmd (for older PC-style laptops that don't support ACPI) or pbbuttonsd (for Apple hardware) installed.

    Note: The dependency on a power management daemon is not required anymore. Laptop Mode Tools, since around version 1.56+, has support for kernel hotplug events. Thus Laptop Mode Tools will instantly act on the power saving measures as and when the machine has a state change.



Installation instructions

Download the package and install it using the following command:

  rpm -ihv laptop-mode-tools-y.xx-1.rf.noarch.rpm

where y.xx should be replaced by the version number.

As an alternative, you can subscribe to the DAG RPMforge repository, which generally contains recent packages for Fedora.